Serial Bomber Suspected in Austin Blasts

The police are investigating the explosion of three bomb packages in the space of 10 days in the city of Austin (Texas) and do not rule out the possibility that they are hate crimes, since the victims of the first two cases were African-American and the third of Hispanic origin.

On Monday, a 17-year-old boy was killed and a woman was wounded by an explosion that bore similarities to the one that killed a 39-year-old man on March 2. In addition, shortly after this second event, also this Monday, the authorities received the warning that another explosion of a package in another point of the city had seriously injured an elderly Hispanic woman.

The police chief, Brian Manley, said at a press conference that the first two detonations seem related. Both in the case of March 2 and in the first hour of this morning of Monday, a package was deposited during the night before the entrance door of the attacked houses, without having used the mail or any other type of messaging services for your shipment.

“We know that the two homes where those packages were placed belong to African-Americans, so we can not rule out hate crimes at the center of everything, but we’re not saying that’s the cause,” Manley said. They are investigated as homicides and have not detected immediate signs of “terrorism”.

A second package was discovered in the area where the first explosion occurred this morning, causing some residents, journalists and bystanders to be evacuated while the police determined whether it was another explosive or simply the carelessness of someone.

The deflagrations have occurred in different parts of Austin. In this Monday, the woman, about 40 years old, took the package from the entrance of her house and took it to the kitchen, where it exploded. The house is located near a park called Windson, only about 20 kilometers from where a few days ago another man, Anthony Stephan House, died of another explosion.

The events occurred at seven in the morning on March 2. The security forces investigated him as a “suspicious death” because they considered the possibility that the deceased had built an explosive by himself and unintentionally detonated it while manipulating him. Now it is seen as a case of homicide and the police believe that it is linked to the other events, which occurred at a time of great influx of visitors to the city,

The latest FBI report on hate crimes in the United States, presented in November, shows that in 2016 a total of 2,220 African-Americans suffered some incident because they were black, a figure similar to 2,201 in 2015.