13 Business Ventures You Can Start from Home

The appeal of working from home has skyrocketed in the past year. At the same time, many are interested in starting and growing their own business. Fortunately, you can easily do both at the same time.

Here are 13 businesses you can run from the comfort of your own home:

Home Repairs

Repairing minor issues around the house, such as broken windows or replacing wooden panels can easily become a part-time or full-time business venture. Many clients are eager to work with a trusted handyman who can get the job done and knows the best suppliers of screws, power nails, pins, and more.


Home baking is one of the easiest hobbies to turn into a business. In most instances, home bakers already have the necessary tools and equipment required to do so. Start small and decide whether to specialize in your favorite cookies, pastries, cakes, and cupcakes.

Jewelry Making

Turn your handmade crafts into beautiful accessories and sell them at craft fairs, flea markets, and specialty websites. Advertise them as statement pieces that go well with seasonal trends or unique gifts for friends and loved ones. You can even accept bulk orders for special events, such as weddings, family reunions, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Publishing eBooks

Starting a business doesn’t always require a tangible product. Dedicate your time to writing and publishing an ebook focusing on a specific topic in your field of expertise. Unlike their traditionally printed counterparts, ebooks are much easier to release and promote.

Mobile App Development

Determine a target market and identify common pain points. From there, you can proceed to develop an app that can solve their recurring issues. For example, you can begin by focusing on time management, creating and tracking habits, and increasing productivity levels. After launching your app, you can then offer premium versions or ad space.

Subscription Boxes

Pick an industry or product line you’re interested in and start crafting your first subscription box. You can create fixed boxes for staple products or offer an assortment of items that follow a specific theme each month. Once you’ve gained enough loyal customers, it then becomes a steady source of income.


Turn a room into a studio suitable for taking portraits or stock photos. Keep in mind that the difficulty of this project varies depending on whether you work with products or live models. Still, this is ideal for hobbyists looking for a side gig.

Bicycle Rentals or Repairs

Considering the logistic needs of buying and reselling used bicycles. A rental and repair business is a feasible option. A bicycle rental business appeals to a wide target market, including fitness enthusiasts and local cyclists. Meanwhile, providing on-site repair services appeals to clients for its convenience.

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Virtual Assistance

Business executives and entrepreneurs can highly benefit from hiring their own dedicated virtual assistant. Remember that this is a highly competitive industry, so it’s best that you identify your niche and specialties. Generally speaking, you should be prepared and efficient when working with common computer software.

T-shirt Designing and Printing

Let your ideas flow and illustrate your own unique t-shirt designs. Graphic designs that promote local landmarks and other destination spots are popular souvenirs for tourists. Be open to accepting and printing custom orders from local organizations, too.


Knowing your way around general and deep cleaning and stain removal is a highly coveted skill. Many busy homeowners are more than pleased to outsource this chore to experienced cleaners. Calculate your flat and additional rates depending on the amount of time required for the job and the different cleaning agents you will need.

Sports Coaching

Specialize in a sport you’re passionate about and start coaching kids, teens, or any specific clientele. Continue gaining experience and building your reputation in the community. Over time, you could then turn your typical weekend lessons into a summer program or sports camp.

Pet Sitting

Care for the furry friends in your area while their families are at work or on vacation. Convert a room in your home into a bed and breakfast to attract customers with dogs that need extra care. If you’re hesitant or live in a small space, you can also offer to pet sit at the owner’s home.

Run Your Own Business From Home

At the end of the day, all you need to start your own business is the right skillset, mindset, and equipment to get the job done. Pursue your interests at home and get paid while doing so. Choose from the list of business ventures above and get started today.

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