5 Toys That Boost Brain Development In Your Child

A child’s brain is continuously growing and developing. Providing activities and toys that hone their skills and cognitive skills is crucial, particularly throughout their growing years.

One of the most notable ways to boost brain development is giving educational toys for kids. These toys may range from simple ones like rattles to more complicated puzzles. Here are the most popular toys that boost brain development in your child.

Reading Books

Reading, storytelling and singing rhymes with your children improve their brain development, language, and imagination. Reading books with them strengthens the relationship between child and parent. Hearing words combined with seeing pictures connect inside a child’s mind, triggering their imagination and stimulating their curiosity.

In many ways, reading, singing and storytelling enhance a child’s social and communication skills, orientation to sounds and words hastening their literacy skills.

Building Blocks

Toy blocks have solid shapes for children in building and construction play, which is proven to be a strong learning tool.  Studies show that playing with building blocks develops a child’s hand to eye coordination, creativity, building skills and improves their motor skills. Evidence also suggests that a more complex building blocks are linked to higher mathematical skills.

Baby Gym

A baby gym can be used by a baby as early as 3 months old. It is one of the best and earliest tools that a baby can play with to develop their hand and leg coordination. It helps them move their body and limbs for a stronger and flexible body.

Babies love to hear the musical toys, kicking the piano keys and touching the hanging toys above them. The sound and music produced and the touch they feel from the toys stimulates their senses, boosting cognitive development.


Puzzle game

Solving puzzles are great for cognitive and problem-solving skills for all ages, but specific benefits are noted when children started playing puzzles at an early age. Working a puzzle improves memory, recalling particular colors, shapes, and sizes when looking for the right puzzle piece.

Problem-solving skills are vital for them to complete a puzzle and depending on what kind, fine motor skills are developed, from moving different pieces and sizes, twisting gears and knobs and some that require smaller hand movements.

Bead Maze

A bead maze is a toy where colored beads are moved along colorful wires going each way, simple yet it teaches a variety of essential skills for a toddler. Learning to manipulate the beads teaches them to pincer grasp, a pre-requisite to learning how to write. They also get oriented to the different shapes of the beads, a precursor to learning math skills like geometry.

It may not look like the best toy inside a learning center, but it has all the fundamentals for learning, eye-hand coordination and fine motor development are some of the important skills they can learn for such a small and simple toy.

Educational toys are critical in a child’s brain development. Providing the right type of toy at a certain age will enhance their skills and cognitive power.

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