7 Easy Tips to Keep Your Office Organized

Most people would agree that an organized office is a productive office. When everything has its place, and you can find what you need when you need it, you’re able to work more efficiently. Unfortunately, many people struggle with keeping their offices organized. There are a few simple things you can do. However, that will help keep your office in order and make your life a little less stressful.

Here are seven easy tips to get started!

1. Make a Place for Everything!

This is the first step to keeping your office organized, and it can be difficult if you’re dealing with a lot of clutter.

However, making a place for everything will not only keep things from getting lost but also give you peace of mind knowing that when you return from taking your lunch break, your notes have been filed away instead of being scattered all over your desk.

Once everything has its place, don’t lose sight of where that place is, or else you risk having to do it all over again.

2. Find a Filing System That Works Best for You

If your files are scattered throughout different folders and drawers under piles of papers everywhere, chances are you don’t see things as they come in, which makes it difficult to file them away properly.

You may find that a filing cabinet is too much for your needs, and all you need are some hanging folders. Take the time to figure out how best to file things and go from there.

3. Be Mindful of Your Drawers

Do your drawers only open halfway because they’re jam-packed? Perhaps it’s time to do a little de-cluttering and trash removal!

The next step would be deciding what stays and what goes; if something hasn’t been used in six months or more, put it in the pile without thinking twice.

If you’re unsure if something is trash or not, ask yourself why that item is in your drawer and what purpose it serves. If the answer isn’t immediate and it’s obviously taking up valuable space, consider throwing it!

4. Keep Your Desk Tidy

desk with nothing but a pc and coffee

This may seem like an obvious tip, but many people let their desks get out of control, and they spend an hour or more each day searching for things like pens and sticky notes among the piles of paper on their desks.

Make sure to take a couple of minutes every time you sit down to work to tidy things up, so your desk stays organized throughout the day. A few minutes here and there will add up over the course of a month, and soon enough, you won’t even notice how often you clean off your desk.

5. Invest in a Desktop Organizer

A desktop organizer can serve as a great place to store things like writing utensils, sticky notes, post-it notes, paper clips, and other various desk supplies that clutter up your desk when everything is just thrown on top of it.

If you don’t want to invest in an entirely new stand for your desk, consider using a simple basket or container to store these items away for good!

6. Get Rid of the Clutter on Your Walls

Are you tired of seeing those thumbtacks and pushpins all over your walls? It might be time to hang some prints instead of those random reminders that you need milk the next time you go to the grocery store.

If your walls are so cluttered that it’s making you stressed out every time you look at them, consider taking a day or two to put up some shelves and hang things on the wall instead.

7. Create a System to Keep Track of Receipts

If you’re pretty bad about keeping receipts in your wallet, consider getting yourself a shoebox or hanging folder where you can store them all in one place.

Another great way to keep track of receipts would be scanning them and storing them on your computer! If you use cash for most transactions, make sure to write the date, price, and description of the item down so that it’s easier for you to find things when filing.

The seven tips we’ve provided will help you keep your office organized and make it a more productive environment for you to work in. Not only will this save you time searching for things, but it’ll also help reduce the amount of stress you feel daily. Try implementing one or two of these tips at a time and see how much of a difference they make!

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