7 Easy Ways to Add More Privacy to Your Living Space

Even if you’ve paid off your mortgage or bought a house upfront, you can’t control the spaces surrounding the property, which can lead to you having unwanted company. Creating privacy within your living spaces can be a challenging pursuit, but not impossible.

To help you have more privacy in your living spaces, here are seven creative ideas that can help reclaim some of your privacy.

Custom Roman Shades

Adding custom roman shades for windows from companies such as Total Window can provide your home with privacy in an instant. Plus, it allows you to roll it back up when you want to enjoy the outdoor scenery or have guests. Roman shades are a unique type of window covering that can block out bright sun rays. These shades combine the elegance of fabric drapes while having the functionality of window blinds, making them a versatile and stylish window treatment.

Surround Your Home with Hedges

Many homeowners have been using hedges as a privacy landscape method for a long time. These plants can grow up to 12 feet tall, providing you with the privacy you deserve while adding better security to your home. Having hedges also provides you with easier maintenance as it saves you from the different care and living conditions trees or shrubs need. There are fully grown versions of these plants in your local gardening stores, but it’s best to plant hedges at home for more accurate results.

Portable Partitions

Portable partitions are a quick and affordable way of creating privacy anywhere in your living space, allowing you to block off the view from nosey neighbors. It’s a versatile product that you can use for several functions, such as creating an area for kids to play at or a separate seating area for adults.

Construct a Wooden Fence Around Your Home

Handyman cutting plywood on circular sawA simple way to incorporate more privacy to your living space is to build traditional wooden fences around your property. It’s a fun home project that you can personalize to the very last detail, allowing you to construct wood fences tailored to your preferences or match your home’s aesthetic.

Build A Pergola in Your Backyard

If you want more privacy in your home without having to sacrifice your backyard’s stunning view, constructing a pergola is ideal. It consists of four large beams and an open or closed roof design that you can tailor to match your home’s aesthetic. Although the structure can stand without walls, the massive beams can still obstruct views. You can install pergolas on top of elevated decks or in your garden.

You can also add a bit more privacy and style to your pergola by filling the structure’s sides and top with twining plants, allowing these stunning climbing greenery to wrap around the beams or poles.

Retractable Yard Screen

If you’re looking for a quick way of adding privacy to your living space, a retractable yard screen is a great choice. You can install these on carports or garden patios, keeping your home hidden from nosey neighbors while keeping you cool during hot days.

Outdoor Curtains

If you’re only looking to block off a small area of your living space, installing outdoor curtains is a great idea. You can add these stunning curtains around the outdoor overhead of your trellis, patio, platform, or gazebos. When choosing outdoor curtains, ensure you pick weather-resistant ones that can withstand harsh sun rays and heavy rainfalls.

No matter your budget or how small your living space is, these solutions can help you achieve your well-earned privacy with style.

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