All the Right Moves: Moving House the Right Way

The priority in preparing for a move is to identify what is most important to you and packing these in clearly labeled containers. You may be tempted to pack important documents into boxes along with the rest of your belongings. But this can be unsafe and you do not need to worry about losing or damaging these types of belongings.

Pack these items for delivery and have them sent to the new house using a professional direct mail service. This ensures that they will arrive in good condition, you can track the package, and it is one worry off your mind.

Now, you can focus on the systematic packing, labeling, and assigning of boxes so that when moving day comes, you can step back. This effort on your part also ensures that the movers will have an easier time getting your boxes squared away.

Should You Be More Hands-On or Hands-Off?

You may find it hard to trust all your belongings to a moving company and may want to conduct the whole move by yourself. This is possible as you can easily rent a moving truck. But you need to be realistic about your abilities.

People can get hurt quite seriously due to heavy lifting and physical stress. This is an added complication that you do not need. Check with your doctor and make sure that you are physically fit enough to be moving so many boxes of varying weights.

If your doctor advises against it, then the best thing to do is to hire a moving company and supervise them on the day. This is a good option for anyone and the best one for people with medical conditions such as asthma or a pregnant spouse.

What Do You Need to Label?

Movers unloading moving van

The short answer is everything. You need to label every single box and container. This will make the process of moving in so much easier and stress-free.

Label the boxes with their contents and which rooms in the new house they need to be placed. This will help the movers to know how to pack the boxes into their truck as well as where to put the boxes when they arrive at the destination.

It may sound excessive to label in such detail but it will greatly reduce the trouble of needing to know where everything is when you begin unpacking.

Do You Need Help?

Even with the labeling and the moving company, is it still a good idea to ask for help. Setting up a house at the end of a long day of moving can be very stressful and having help will make it much easier. It is also a good way to involve your family and friends in this new chapter of your life.

They will be able to make a connection to your new home and you will find it easier to see it as your new home because the people you love are there to fill it with their love and caring. Also, because of your detailed labeling, anyone who comes to help will know where to unpack and place your items. This means that you can be sure everything is in the right place.

No matter how prepared you are, it can be stressful on the day. It is a good idea to prepare a moving day kit with snacks, medications, extra house keys, and water. Pack this kit as though you are going camping for a few days.

This will ensure that you have everything from sunblock to a first aid kit. It is best if you do not need these items but it is better to have them if a situation arises. Remember that at the end of the day, you will have to unpack so conserve your energies and allow the moving men to do their job.

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