Be Sure to Check for These 5 Traits in Your Estate Agent

Many property agents in Chigwell and other places are probably out in the streets right now doing their stuff – selling plots of land or looking for homes to buy for their clients. These hardworking men and women are doing their best day in and out just to dispose of the properties of clients to the right buyers or find properties for their clients to purchase.

Now, if you’re looking for an experienced real estate agent that you can trust, how do you know if you’ve found the right one? Here are some important traits that your estate agent should have:

Proactive and hardworking

Great estate agents don’t just rely on the online listing that they have placed on behalf of clients. Instead, they are always actively pursuing possible buyers like an eager suitor. At the same time, these agents also keep constant open communication with clients regarding the status of their listings, so they know where their properties stand in the open market.

Additionally, estate agents should be finding ways to better sell properties or find them, so clients can have a better chance of closing a deal. The agent should be 100% proactive at any given time to achieve the best results on behalf of the client.


Estate agents who carefully listen to everything their clients have to say are among the most effective ones in the industry. This is because, by the simple act of listening, agents can have a mine-full of information that they can then use to close deals for their clients.

Many times, eager agents tend to over-talk the clients not knowing that the opposite should happen. The client should be the star of the show and not the agent, so it makes sense to focus on what the clients have to say to know their specific needs to find the best deal possible.


real estate agent talking to a coupleHonesty is one of the hardest traits to find in any estate agent, or in any person for that matter. That is why it’s important to hire a person who is incorruptible and who reeks honesty in every sense.

Estate agents should be creating the right expectations on the part of the clients with no intent to hide anything, including the taxes associated with any sale. By doing so, the estate agent can establish the trust of clients for being upfront about everything.

Deep knowledge of the real estate industry

You should only place your trust in an estate agent who knows the industry like the back of his or her hands. This deep knowledge of and familiarity with the real estate industry is a critical trait that makes an agent effective in serving clients.

When you hire an estate agent who is well-versed with everything real estate, you’re increasing your chances of getting the best deal possible, whether you’re selling a property or buying one.

Solid track record

A solid track record of successful sales is another clear indication of a great estate agent. In the highly competitive real estate industry, closing sales takes a lot of hard work, knowledge, and skills. So, when you see an agent’s portfolio that includes some pretty impressive listings, then you’re most likely looking at someone who knows how to perform his or her job really well.

With these traits as your guide, you should have an easy time finding the right estate agent for your property buying or selling needs.

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