Design Ideas for Roofs on Outdoor Living Structures

In times past, living was primarily confined to the indoors. The few outdoor structures were meant for gardening and occasional entertaining. Nowadays, however, outdoor living is all the rage with pergolas and patios. This shift is attributed to the realization of the benefits of sunlight and outdoor elements on human health. Outdoor living also offers plenty of entertainment space when hosting. Getting the perfect outdoor structure involves making a few vital choices.

One of these is the roofing type that works best for your needs. Plastic roofing sheets like GRP, polystyrene, PVC, or polycarbonate roofing sheets in the UK are as common as they come, and with good reason. These are lightweight yet hard to break and come in several styles and colors. The roofing sheets are also cut-to-size and thus have a reduced amount of construction waste. They are the ideal choice for outdoor structures since they come in transparent variants that allow about 60% of solar rays to pass through them. The following are a few design ideas for the plastic roofing of your outdoor spaces.

Louvered Roofs

Louvered pergolas and patios allow you to adjust the amount of light and weather elements that filter into them. The louvers can be open to allow more light to filter in, and closed in cold weather or rainy conditions. You can opt for different colors for the louvers to introduce an interesting design twist to your roof. Louvers for outdoor structures also animate your space with the movement of the sun through the day that generates shadow variations.

Cantilevered Roofs

These are perfect for those whose intended outdoor space is next to a wall. The cantilevered roof features bars attached to the wall that project out over your patio. Roofing panels are then placed on the bars. Cantilevered roofs work best in gardens that have a modern look and next to swimming pools. The absence of support structures at their ends also maximizes your usable ground space.

Radius Roofs


Most indigenous structures have semi-radius or round roofs. These spherical shapes have been shown to reflect the earth and exude a welcoming appeal. A radius roof for your pergola is thus more aesthetically appealing and welcoming compared to that with a linear style. You can settle for interesting design details along the edges of your roof for customization.

Arched Roofs

These work when you are looking for more vertical space in your outdoor living areas. The arch in these roofs also draws the eye upwards and allows you to showcase different design details. With this choice, you should ideally settle for plastic roofing sheets with interesting designs. Alternatively, you can opt for lamps, flowerpots, and beautiful lighting fixtures installed on the bars as the design details for the roof.

Getting the best-looking outdoor structure does not end with the walls and floors. The plastic roofing designs listed above will surely make the perfect crowning elements for your structure. Even so, check your local building regulations before picking the ideal design to ensure you don’t get in trouble.

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