Great Side Hustles That’ll Earn You Good Income

There is a good market for a pet-related side hustle, considering that almost every American family has one or two pets. However, if you’re someone who hasn’t been acquainted with the market, then you might have no idea where to start. This guide will help you pick the right pet-related side hustle, one that can fit both your lifestyle and perceived income.

Pet Sitting

One of the best and simplest pet-related sit hustle is pet sitting. All you have to do is take care of someone’s pet for a set amount of days, and you’re paid! In some situations, you might not even have to stay with the pet for one whole day. You might only need to visit and check on the different times of the day. However, expertise is still necessary for pet sitting, and it’s great if you have some of it under your belt.

Many people think that pet sitting is a reasonably easy job, but remember, some do this full-time. These people have made this craft their hobby, and they pretty much know the ins and outs of it. They know the best care for each pet, how to react during emergencies, and what’s the best meals for your pet. However, it’s good to get started as an amateur in pet sitting, but keep your rates low.

Once you’ve set yourself up as a reputable pet sitter, you can start a business in it. A pet sitting business can earn as much as $30,000. That’s not bad for a side hustle.

Pet Trainer

pet trainer

Pet training is quite challenging, especially if someone wants you to teach their pet how to behave. It’s not an easy job and very time-consuming, but it’s also profitable and gratifying.

Starting as a pet trainer requires you to build up your expertise. This means going through training and seminars at first. You need to invest in these things to be a successful pet trainer. Also, read books regarding pet training. Not every pet is the same, and not every dog breed can be trained the same way. So expand your knowledge and expertise before taking a step into this business.

Once you get started, you need to be prepared for unique requests and questions. One of the most common questions for pet trainers in preparing their dog for air travel? You need to prepare yourself for these kinds of questions. You might also need to train a pet how to behave in a specific way or even teach them to guide a blind client.

Being a pet trainer is a challenge, but there’s profit to be gained here. Pet trainers can earn between $20,000 to $40,000 on average, making this an excellent pet-related side hustle. Moreover, those recognized in the field can earn as much as $80,000. It’s a fantastic experience to be a pet trainer, and a very rewarding one, too.

Pet Breeder

Pet breeding is essential to the pet ecosystem in many countries. Without pet breeders, we won’t get quality pets. Some governments even ask pet breeders to breed a particular set of pets like K-9s. It’s an exciting side hustle but one with various ethical considerations.

Becoming a pet breeder has the most qualifications among all the side hustles on this list. You can’t just breed pets upon pets and sell them to the market. Remember that you’re making life, and life needs to be taken care of appropriately. Most likely than not, you’re going to need qualifications before you start a pet breeding business in your state. So make sure to do your research beforehand.

Pet breeders can earn around $40,000, but some can earn $70,000 to $120,000. This depends on your expertise and the kind of pet you’re selling. If you’re breeding and selling rare breeds, then you’re likely to earn more.

Pet Photography

People love their pets, and they certainly want their images as a remembrance of their relationship with them. Some consider them part of the family and even hang their pictures on the wall. Suffice to say, pet photography is a real job and one you can make decent money from.

If you’ve been practicing your photography skills, why not test it out on pets? Pets can make some of the most dynamic shots, so you’ll need to be prepared for those. However, with some treats and reinforcement, you can get people’s favorite pets’ poses in front of your camera. Much like every pet-related side hustle on this list, this requires a bit of expertise, so make sure that you do your research beforehand.

Working with pets is just one of the most rewarding jobs globally. If you love pets, make sure to try these side-hustles out.

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