Hot Tips for Proper Fabric Care

It is, indeed, tempting to take shortcuts when it comes to doing the laundry. For some who don’t have much time for this kind of chores, they can always seek the help of professionals dry cleaners in Indianapolis or any other metropolitan area.

But for others who are pretty diligent and have the time to do it right, they must know the proper care that each fabric needs. Take note that carelessness can cost you a lot. The best thing to do is to follow the basic rules.


When washing linen clothing, keep in mind that it should not exceed the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. If you do, you’re only risking it for premature wear. White linens should be separated from light colors because dyes can easily taint and ruin the white ones.

Avoid using non-bleach stain remover because laundering because it weakens the fabric’s fibers and ruins dyed clothes. This type of material needs little water, so we suggest you fill your machine halfway only.  Hang linens to dry. Do not tumble dry because it will crease and shrink


When washing silk fabrics, use a gentle soap and hand wash it. Simply hand it out dry. Most importantly, never iron this type of clothing, as it will burn the fabric.


Wool clothing requires minimal washing because frequent washes shorten the life of the fabric. It can also cause premature wear to the garment. Wool is a delicate fabric, so be careful in washing it.

Before washing it in soapy water, soak the fabric in cold water to prevent shrinkage. It’s best to handwash this type of cloth and allow it to dry naturally. Do not tumble dry as it will only ruin the clothing. In addition, use a specially-made wool detergent.


Cashmere is also delicate and can get damaged easily. Protect the clothing by gently placing then inside a particular case (a pillowcase will do) before putting it inside the washer. Doing so will prevent the rapid rotation from agitating it inside the machine.

Use a gentle, diluted soap, but it’s preferable to use a wool-washing detergent. Never tumble dry this type of fabric. Instead, lay the cashmere out on flat towels and let it air dry.


Cotton is a durable fabric. You can machine wash it without worrying about any adverse effect it may cause to the clothing. Use color-safe detergent and wash it in warm (not hot) water. You can let it dry naturally, or you can also tumble dry.

Important note:

Fabric Care

Before washing, you should sort the clothes based on the type of fabric. Separate colored clothes from whites. Investing time and attention into the sorting and washing process is vital in extending the life of your clothes and other fabrics. Additionally, remember that you need to use a fabric detergent that is suitable for the type of garment you’re washing.

Each type of fabric requires specific care. It is vital to maintain the colors and good condition of the clothes and other garments. Proper fabric care will help you enjoy a clean, good set of wardrobe.

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