How Restaurants Can Add More Nature to Their Area

Do you want your new restaurant to have a more natural and organic design? When done right, this can be a great way to make your business stand out amongst the crowd. Not only is it unique, but these types of designs are pleasing to the eye, so customers can never get tired of visiting your establishment.

With this design, you don’t necessarily have to make it an open-air restaurant. All it takes is adding a bit of fauna and elements of nature to help you achieve this look.

Get outdoor seating

For restaurants, you want to take advantage of the foot traffic in your location, especially if you are in a busy place. Outdoor dining is one way that you can attract new customers without having to do any extra work. Since people are eating outside, those passing by can see what your menu has to offer. The smell and sight of them can convince a person to give it a try.

Another benefit to it is increased seating capacity for customers. It increases your space, and it would make the indoor seats feel less crowded. Besides that, you can have a wider audience range because outdoor seating can accommodate those with pets. This can also reduce waiting time for customers. Studies say that people wait an average of 30 minutes before being seated, but they might end up leaving if forced to wait too long.

If your property doesn’t already have an outdoor space, then a bit of work needs to be done. Make sure that dividers are surrounding the seating area to distinguish the limits of your property. Also, be sure to put an awning over the area to keep the sun out of the way. When designing, take into account windy and rainy days as well.

Have an indoor garden

Plants have a lot of advantages indoors. It makes the room look lively, and the other is that it can improve air quality. They are also known to reduce carbon dioxide levels inside the room, making the air more breathable. Similarly, they can add humidity in the room, so the air feels less dry.

The trick to having an indoor garden is finding the right plants. Green and leafy ones are the best for indoor air cleaning. Ficus are popular for their ability to clean the air, and bamboo palms have a classic look. You should also be sensitive about the kinds of flowers you add because some customers may get an allergic reaction. Marigold and orchids are the worst offenders. If you really want an allergy-safe flower, peace lilies are a good choice.

Other things you can consider are cacti and succulents. You may not have room for a full garden, but shelves with these plants are a nice alternative. Vertical gardens are also an option because they can save you space while also being a good design choice.

Add larger windows

Natural lighting is one of the best ways to make your restaurant more green in more ways than one. It allows your design to appear more organic and less artificial. This will also help you save on energy because it would mean fewer artificial lighting fixtures to add. The best way to do this is to add large windows.

If you also have outdoor seating, a large window can be one way to connect the two locations. It also showcases your interior to those outside and uses your outdoor design as a nice view. For restaurants in scenic areas, you can use this to your advantage and offer an amazing view.

restaurant inside

Use natural materials

If an indoor garden isn’t possible, you can also try using natural materials to give your restaurant a more vibrant look. Like how some use old metal pieces to make a space look more industrial, using wood and stone materials can give customers the illusion of being in nature.

You can use natural materials and still make your design look modern. For instance, reclaimed wood furniture and walls are things you can do. This option is more eco-friendly as well because you are essentially recycling wood. From a design perspective, it adds texture and layers of color. Marble can be used if your restaurant is more high-end and caters to fancier events.

Bricks and corks offer a rustic and casual vibe. Since corks vary greatly, you have different options to choose from when it comes to texture and color. It can also be used as flooring, but this is a less common option. In place of carpets, you can try grass turf to make it greener and less tacky.

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