How to Make a Small Work Space Efficient

Many might agree that designing a small space can be challenging. For starters, office staples such as desks and printers can already take up a lot of space. This is why many small business owners feel that they should stick to just a few important pieces of furniture and office equipment. Many are also hesitant to design the small spaces, without knowing the advantages of hiring the services of an interior designer. Here are some of the things you can do to make your small business space both functional and presentable:

Hire an Interior Designer

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses can also work with interior designers. In fact, doing so can do wonders for any small space. Commercial interior design professionals have worked with various types of commercial spaces. They have the expertise to maximise space, regardless of its size.

The space may be small, but this does not mean it cannot look organised, professional, and fit for the business. It can be difficult to get the work done in a cramped space and with incomplete furniture and equipment. A store or office that is pleasing to the eyes can make customers feel at ease and the business transactions more efficient.

interior design planning

Leverage Digital Communication

Your office may not be spacious enough to accept a number of visitors at a time, and taking advantage of email and social media can be advantageous. Limit physical office visits and hold meetings via video conference calls. Business owners can also set up their websites and social media pages to answer frequently asked questions.

Most social media pages are free and come with automated responses that the owner can customise. This also helps promote fast customer issue resolution and customer trust.

Organise, organise, organise

A small space can get cluttered easily, which is why it’s important to practice CLAYGO (Clean As You Go). This will help keep your small office or store looking clean and organised. You can also use drawers for documents and tools. Instead of bulky tables, chairs, and computers, opt for slim and space-saving furniture, equipment, and accessories to make the space look bigger and well-kept.

Add Some Life

Having a small office should not mean being dull. Give your office space a dash of colour and character by placing indoor plants. Low maintenance plants such as cactus and succulents are small enough to be placed on desks or window sills. They are also very easy to take care of. They require a little amount of sunlight, making them perfect for office and shops. You can also use colourful chairs as accents or a colourful carpet to make your working space look more lively and inviting.

The size of an office or shop does not determine the success of the business. It may be easier to work in a huge space, but it’s essential to keep tabs on expenses when starting a new business. With some hard work and perseverance, growing a small business is always possible. There is some truth in the saying, “You should start small and think big.”

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