Improving Business Security Measures in 5 Ways

Businesses everywhere are hoping to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. With vaccination drives across the world in full swing, businesses may be reopening in full sooner than predicted. However, this resurgence can lead to a resurgence of an old problem: business theft.

According to studies from before the pandemic, crimes related to the workplace cost businesses based in the United States billions of dollars. One study reveals that the cost of workplace crime can be as high as $50 billion per annum. Although not all of this loss is due to straightforward robbery, an astonishing 95 percent of businesses will face theft of one form or another.

Below are five ways to improve the security of your small business and mitigate the loss from workplace theft.

  1. Partner with a Reliable Business

Unless you have a background in providing stores and offices with security measures, you’re better of partnering with a more experienced business. Finding trustworthy security companies can be difficult but not impossible.

First determine what price range you can afford and shop around for companies who can accommodate your budget. Don’t be shy when asking them for the price of their partnership as some companies can have scaling prices. Second, look up customer reviews of the companies you found. They can have insights on whether the security measures provided were effective. Finally, ask your professional and business contacts if they have experience with these companies. Their input can help identify potential partners, singling out the perfect mach.

  1. Implement Crowd Control

Undoubtedly there will be some form of crowd control established in businesses even after the pandemic, but you have to be extra vigilant even then. Crowds mean decreased visibility from your employees and security personnel. Even cameras and similar devices can have a hard time capturing a criminal in the act if there’s enough people in a given area.

If you run a retail or sale establishment, consult with a security firm and your local health authority on the optimal number of people you can let into the store. Having a maximum occupancy for your store or workplace helps you keep an eye on everyone while keeping their well-being safe.

  1. Beware the Holidays

Holidays are both a boon and a bane to stores and small businesses everywhere. While the influx of customers undoubtedly brings new income to your company, they can also bring in shoplifters and other assorted crime. On the flipside, holidays in which you shutter your business to give your employees a break can also lead to crime. Closed businesses can be very tempting to thieves, after all.

Months before the holidays, you should already have security precautions and protocols in place. How will your personnel deal with a massive influx of customers without sacrificing profits? What sort of extra security measures will you implement when your employees are out of town? Resolve these questions as soon as possible and you won’t be caught with your guard down during the holidays.

  1. Use Lights and Signs

Some of the best deterrents involve visuals and visibility. Your first and foremost ally in keeping your small business safe from thieves is lights. Strong lights deter crime simply because they reveal anyone who may be attempting to break into your premises. Even shoplifters may think twice before pilfering your shelves if they believe that there is an increased risk of them being seen thanks to spot and area lights.

Another form of psychological crime deterrent are signs. Put up signs around your premises that warn potential criminals about the security measures of your business. This can dissuade them as well as inform them that they are being watched.

  1. Regularly Check Inventory

A messy inventory and a disorganized supply chain are a criminal’s playground. Without adequate precautions and monitoring, anyone can just pilfer your business, costing you potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars of merchandise. Messy inventories can also be a sign that someone within your company is dipping their hand, since it provides a perfect cover for all sorts of perfidy.

Assign trusted people to not only keep an eye on each other and on your inventory. Use sophisticated and detailed systems to see exactly when certain items are arriving and how much. There are many types of software you can use to monitor your inventory remotely. Make extensive use of such systems to get a full accounting of all your items.

Protecting your business from crime and loss by theft is as crucial as providing excellent service. Without adequate security measures, your small business can face closure even with high quality products. Learn from these tips and enforce them to secure your business’s future.

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