Making Money out of Hydroponic Gardening amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled people to stay indoors. For this reason, many households have tried indoor planting to pursue their hobbies or ensure food security. In fact, a report showed 20 percent of Americans have ventured into home gardening.

When it comes to indoor planting, hydroponic gardening has boomed during the pandemic. This indoor planting type is a viable solution to growing plants inside your house without the need for soil. The use of water and nutrients can work wonders in growing your plants instead.

There are many good reasons to grow plants and vegetation in the comfort of your home. On top of this is how you can generate income out of hydroponic gardening. Here’s how to make money during the pandemic:

What hydroponic gardening is

Hydroponic gardening may sound complicated the first time you hear it. But simply put, it is a practical method of growing plants without soil. Instead, you use water and other nutrients added to the water solutions, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, and potassium.

Hydroponic gardening is ideal for indoor gardening as it allows you to grow plants inside your house without the need for soil. It comes with a handful of benefits such as requiring minimal space, conserving water, producing quality food, and harvesting more yields.

With hydroponic gardening, you can nurture edible plants such as herbs, veggies, and even some fruits all year round. If you have a custom conservatory, you can grow various plants for food supplies. Once harvested, you can consider selling them to earn some money.

How to set up a hydroponic system


Setting up a hydroponic system doesn’t have to be complex and daunting. The Spruce recommended the following hydroponic systems:

  • Water culture system: This basic hydroponic system eliminates any barrier between the plants and water. A perfect example is water lily growing in the water. All it takes is to set up a vast, stable enclosure and allow plants to grow in the water.
  • Wick system: This hydroponic system requires the use of absorbent materials like perlite or vermiculite. These materials are packed around the plants’ roots designed to absorb water. This system is ideal for smaller shrubs such as herbs.
  • Drip system: This hydroponic system is exactly what it sounds like—dripping water straight onto the roots. It consists of thin hoses linked to the plants’ root bases. As it is highly dependable, it is considered the most popular hydroponic system among many households.
  • Ebb and flow system: This hydroponic system entails flowing water into the container and ebbing it away. It involves periodic flooding and draining of nutrient-rich water solutions. Ultimately, it is notable for its simplicity, reliability, and low initial cost.
  • Aeroponic system: This hydroponic system is the most elegant and sophisticated. Why? The plants are suspended in mid-air, with mists of water touching the plants’ roots. The excess water then gets collected and repurposed for misting the plants.

How to make money out of hydroponic gardening

Now that you’ve set up your hydroponic system at home, you can start monitoring and growing your plants regularly. Come harvest time, you can get these herbs, veggies, or even fruits and consider selling them. That said, here’s how you can make money out of hydroponic gardening:

  • Sell your hydroponic plant produce: If you’ve produced high yields like tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce, consider selling them on the market. Not only will you worry about putting food on your table, but you’ll also make money out of hydroponic gardening.
  • Sell hydroponic cuttings: You need not wait for the harvest time to be able to generate income. During the course of growing your plants, start cloning plants with oxygenated water. You can sell these hydroponic cuttings to prospective buyers and earn some money.
  • Set up hydroponic systems for other households: Some households may find the hydroponic system a little intimidating at first. As such, you can offer your service for setting up a hydroponic system for them during this pandemic.
  • Hold hydroponic classes: You can teach your students how to set up a hydroponic system, whether wick, drip, or aeroponic system. Show them how you manage your hydroponic garden and maintain your plants regularly. In the end, it’s incredible how you can turn your hobby into a profit.

There’s no doubt how fun yet profitable hydroponic gardening is. You can grow plants at home, whether via a wick, water culture, or aeroponic system. While at it, consider our valuable tips on how to make money out of your hydroponic gardening. With home gardening, you’ll reap the benefits of having plants indoors while earning money at the same time.

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