Making Your Bed-and-Breakfast Stand Out and Appealing

A bed-and-breakfast business is something that many people are looking into. After all, it’s just keeping your house pretty and renting it out. Well, anyone who’s getting into it would understand just how much responsibility it entails. But once you get everything else sorted out (like the aesthetics of the place, how to manage the breakfast), there’s still a crucial part you need to make your bed-and-breakfast unique.

In this age of rental software and online listings, people can look at hundreds of properties for rent at any given time and make a decision. But the real question you must ask yourself is, what is it with your property that will make them decide to choose it over others? This is a critical question anyone in the rental business should be asking themselves. Defining features on top of your unique selling points will draw more people into your business. Let’s look at some of how you can distinguish your business from the rest.

Develop Your Niche and Stick to It

Like many other businesses, you need to find your ideal spot or corner in the industry. The most successful property rentals or bed-and-breakfasts often answer the most fundamental question of who your customers are. The good thing is that smaller bed-and-breakfasts have more control over their answer to this question, especially compared to more prominent establishments. Interact with your guests, and find out what they enjoy the most from your property. See the commonality between them, and determine what kind of people your establishment naturally attracts. Your proximity to a business area might mean that you get a lot of traveling business people and decide to market it to them. Once you have this down, everything else can follow.

Take the Theme Seriously

Nobody wants to stay in a shabby-looking property, so don’t skimp on how your rental looks. A large part of why many people opt for bed-and-breakfast and not just your stereotypical hotel is because they add a new dimension to the experience. Many bed-and-breakfasts have thematic lodgings. Even if not outright, many still sport stunning interiors with bespoke upholstery, unique furniture, and impactful colors. You don’t have to spend money on costly furniture and materials. However, what you need to stand out from the rest is a sense of direction. When you know your niche, you can design the property to appeal to that market. For instance, suppose your location is in a beautiful place that’s known for its romantic or artistic vibes. You can focus on that by cleverly designing your property to complement the location.

Don’t Skimp on Your Marketing Materials

You’ve already found your niche and have already dedicated the theme to better appeal to your chosen niche. The next thing you need to do is to invest in marketing campaigns. Remember that visuals always play a critical role in people consuming media, even ads. When potential guests are scrolling through app listings and the like, they’re most likely going to be attracted by the one that stands out the most. However, once you’ve hooked them in with outstanding pictures, they need to be convinced to seal the deal. Utilize an excellent videographer to amp up your video marketing. Make sure to show the best parts of the property and the amenities they’ll enjoy. This might sound like basic advice, but you’ll be surprised by how much many property owners overlook this.

Have a Specialty Meal
mouth watering meal

Besides focusing on your niche, you can make your business even more unique by offering a memorable meal packaged into your rental. Your menu doesn’t have to be an amazing set of dishes cooked by top-rated chefs; you only need to have that one or two items that they’ll come back for. To help you decide what special dish to feature, you don’t have to look far from your local area. What’s your region’s popular dish? Research the most memorable and delicious meals available in your area, and see how you can source them. You can learn to cook them on your own or you can find a consultant to help you learn how to cook these dishes. The best part about sourcing locally is that you also help your local entrepreneurs. Regardless, this is one of the most effective ways to make your rental more unique.

The hospitality industry, especially bed-and-breakfasts, has been oversaturated by somewhat similar-looking properties. It can be pretty challenging to stand out. But hopefully, using the tips provided in this blog post, you can make efforts to make your business more unique.

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