Metal to Plastic: The Revolution of Plastic Materials

As you read this article, you might spot plastic materials around you: your keyboard, earphones, or a plastic cup. There is not a day in our lives that we do not encounter plastic. We use it in our day-to-day lives. Because of that, people who are fighting for the environment are enraged at how we can’t detach ourselves from using plastics.

Plastic materials may seem destructive, and some people might reject the idea of using these materials, but people in the current industry think otherwise. People in the business are now using plastic materials in various ways.

The Discovery of Plastic

The material that we know today as ‘plastic’ was first known as ‘Parkesine.’ It was founded by a chemist named Alexander Parkes and was considered as the first man-made plastic. During those times, there was a massive plastic production, which made the people use the material in various ways, such as making a hair-comb or a telephone.

Goods in the market that were made in plastic are cheaper than goods made of metal. Later in 1907, Belgian-chemist Leo Baekeland pioneered the first fully synthetic plastic. The groundbreaking discovery of this material led to one of today’s most-used materials.

Advantages of Plastic Materials

Due to the current issue of global warming and pollution, you might think that plastic is something that we should stop using. Indeed, plastic takes longer to recycle and is a risk to the environment. Still, we are talking about plastic materials in the industry that are reusable and reliable. Business people are aware of the advantages of using plastic materials, which are:

1. Durable

As mentioned, plastic takes years before they decompose. Take this knowledge and put it to use for something that will last long. For instance, an industry or a factory. Factories will be present in this world for many years. If those factories used metal in all their production, the resources for metal materials could decrease.

It is common knowledge that metal is prone to corrosion, which shortens its life span. Metal is produced by mining into the core of the earth, which is more destructive since the demand for metal keeps on increasing. When using reusable plastic materials, factories can lessen their use of metal and save on costs in various ways.

Plastic lasts longer than metals. That is why most companies are switching to it for the long run. These days, you can see automobile bumpers made out of plastic because of their durability. By these examples, you’ll know that plastic is both durable and has an extended product life.

2. Fast Production

Plastic materials are produced using a small amount of time and workload. These materials are also manufactured in different ways depending on the demand of a company. Plastic is manufactured in various ways, such as transparent, coloured, and textured.

This material can blend into any surrounding because of its flexibility and design. Plastics are used in today’s design, such as lettering, shapes, and textured surfaces. These materials are also produced in a fast process, which makes the business faster.

plastic stadium chairs

3. Low Cost & Quantity

Raw plastic materials are as affordable as the final products of these materials. One of the reasons why most companies are transitioning into plastic materials is because of the amount they can save. Aside from their inexpensive cost, plastic is also produced in bulks and batches. This means that the company can purchase a considerable number of these materials and save money at the same time.

4. Weigh Less

Plastic materials weigh less than metal. In one sheet of metal, six sheets of plastic are produced. Companies are using this data to calculate how plastic materials are reducing their expenses because of their quantity. It also has an excellent quality, thus, creating an advantageous situation for the company.

The Use of Plastic in Construction

Plastic materials are now used in various companies, such as construction companies. These companies use plastic for their products and tools. Plastic is a great conductor of electricity that is why the company uses the material for electricity cables and devices.

Home construction companies these days are using plastic materials in almost 60% of their projects. They use these materials in making windows, plastic roofing, wall lining, floor covering, and ceilings. Not only are these materials durable and reliable, but they cost less than metal.

Plastic materials are now used in various ways and are helping the industry move faster. It might be challenging to make people think of the critical use of plastic. Still, today’s thriving companies are slowly making people understand that plastic is beneficial as long as it is used properly. Using plastic materials is a decision that relies heavily on the purpose of using it.

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