Prepping Your Car For Long-Haul Transport

Are you moving halfway across the country with your new spouse? Or perhaps starting a job in a city that’s 15 hours away from your hometown? Whatever the reason may be, driving your car to your new place is both difficult and impractical. For starters, not everybody is made to last a long-distance drive. Moreover, going on a long-haul trip can rack up expenses on gas, accommodation, food, and not to mention any potential breakdowns in the road.

To make moving easier as well as save money, hire a car shipping service instead. In this way, you can rest assured that your car will get to your new place in one piece and you won’t have to spend hours, or even days, driving it yourself.

But before you hand over the keys to the auto transport company, here is a car shipping guide for beginners:

1. Wash your car

Give your car a good wash or drive through a carwash before the shipping company picks it up. In this way, you can easily see if there are any unfamiliar marks on your car when it gets to your new home.

2. Give your car a good wax

Your car is likely going to go through a lot of rain, dust, and smoke throughout its journey. Fortunately, you can protect your car’s paint and finish with a good layer of wax.

3. Clean the interior

Remove any unnecessary objects in your car and take out anything that can be tossed around during the trip, such as loose change and cellphone cables. As a safety measure, it’s also a good idea to remove any valuables stored in your car before it’s picked up by the shipping service.

Afterwards, vacuum your floors and seats. Although unnecessary for its trip to your new home, it’s better to clean your car now than having to do it when your car gets to its destination.

4. Disable the alarm

Don’t forget to disable your car alarm before handing the keys over to the shipping company.

5. Check your tire pressure

Having uneven air in your tires can put them at risk for damage during transport. Avoid this by checking your tire pressure and inflating or deflating when necessary.

6. Don’t fill up on gas

Your car doesn’t need gas for transportation, and having a full tank can add to the weight of your car.

7. Have your car inspected

Take your car to a mechanic prior to finalizing the deal with your auto transport service. In this way, you know what shape your car is in prior to transport and what shape it should be when it gets to your new house. Doing this also gives you the chance to make any necessary repairs so you won’t have to deal with car problems after moving.

Getting an auto transport service to move your car instead of driving it yourself is more economical, practical, and hassle-free. But as the owner, it’s your responsibility to prepare your car for transport. Use these tips to get your car ready for the long drive. You and your auto transport company will be glad you did.

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