Skills, Struggles, and Needs Every Freelance Writer Can Understand

One part of working in digital marketing is content writing. If you’re a freelance content writer, you know how difficult it is to come up with ideas, especially when you’ve been working nonstop for more than a while.

Being a freelance writer takes a certain level of self-discipline that no nine-to-fivers will ever experience. No matter how intelligent or well-educated you are, these aspects can become pointless without self-discipline. Despite the freedom and independence of being a freelancer, you can’t just take off whenever you feel like it. There’s supposed to be a work schedule you’ve created to get certain work done in order to gain a solid reputation and at least a decent income.

In whatever small business field you are, you are hired to create text content for their website in order to spread information about their products or services. So even if you’re not being paid to research their field, you still have to in order to gain knowledge and inspiration to be able to create content.

Self-education and research

Whether you’re just starting to become a freelance writer or you’ve been doing it for a while, education is always nonstop. As a writer, you always have to be open about new knowledge, trends, and news to keep up with your audience’s interest.

If you’re a beginner freelance writer, you have to ready yourself for the world of marketing because everything is constantly changing. Even if you’ve taken classes before entering the business, that’s just a brief part of your professional training. This explains how education and knowledge are endless, no matter where you are in your career. Even experts are progressively learning as well.

Managing your expenses

As a freelancer in general, you’re responsible for every bit of your finances, whether it be personal or business finances. Expect that you’re going to have to spend a lot more than you think. Separate your business expenses by categories:

Managing and maintaining your equipment and supplies is just as important as everything else. Updating it every few years is necessary because the world of technology is also evolving. Of course, you don’t have to upgrade when you can’t afford it, but the point is to include your equipment as part of your budgeting savings, especially for maintenance and repairs.

Your business and personal utility bills are joined together if you’re working from home since you’re using the same electricity and other facilities. But if you rent your own working space and have to furnish and equip it, that’s an additional business expense.

If you’re the type of freelance writer who owns their own website, that adds to your expenses as well. Obviously, to run a successful website, you might not handle it all on your own. You’re going to need a team of web developers and designers to get noticed by the public.

Another important thing to remember as a freelance writer is there might come a time when you might need to get a job elsewhere to cover your expenses, especially if you’re just starting. Then again, every freelancer is different, and this kind of situation varies for each one. Additionally, you want to save up some separately in case of emergencies.

Turning anxiety into a motivator


When it’s your career and finances you’re talking about, there are its challenges and nightmares, and they differ from freelancer to the next. Despite the common myth that freelancers are often exploited, it can be true for some. Then again, experiences vary. Having to control everything around you can be overwhelming alone.

Especially if you’re new to freelancing, you will surely encounter a terrible client who might not be able to pay you on time or at all despite what you’ve done for them. There will also come times when you could lose money and have trouble with your expenses. But that’s the nature of independent careers. And another extremely important skill to have as an independent worker is to be able to get through it, not lose, and succeed step by step.

Like all types of independent know, you can’t expect your clients to always come to you. Therefore, you need to market yourself and find the best and competitive ways to do so. You will be putting in a lot of unpaid hours because nobody cares more about your business than you do.

There will also come a time when you have to try things that trigger your anxiety to explore new ways of how to market yourself and figure out what’s best for you and your business. Sometimes, having to conquer a fear can provide you with the biggest of change and success. And despite all these struggles of being a freelancer, it can be very rewarding that no nine-to-five job can offer.

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