Starting a Your Own Pest Control Business

Pest control is an important sector today. Both the residential and the commercial industry benefits from the services. It mainly aims to eliminate rodents, insects, termites, and reptiles from properties. There are pests in certain areas that are more common than in other areas. If you plan to work in a specific geographical location, you need to gain knowledge and experience in that arena. You have to market your services based on the needs of society.

There are several avenues to start a business. You can either start from home or rent a location. However, a proper office can help you market yourself to larger companies and establishments. While at your job, you may have to take care of the needs of the children and pets. The fumes that evaporate from chemicals used can be poisonous and affect the health of various individuals. You can start your business with weekly, monthly, and annual packages. Read this article to learn what you need to know about starting a pest control business.

Startup Costs

You need to have a sizeable amount of money to get started. Initially, you have to arrange a truck to carry the equipment and chemicals for the job. Many banks and financial institutions can grant you a loan to produce a proper business plan and collateral. Apart from the funds, you also need to have the required knowledge to start the business. It might help you if you consider interning under a popular company. In such professions, practical know-how is more important than theory. However, you have to keep abreast of both.

The startup costs also include signage costs, business cards, marketing material, and strong networking skills. You also need the required certification. The US has various laws in each state and zone. You have to get the necessary licenses and permits, depending on your zone.

Types of Pest Control Services

Before sprinting into any profession, you also have to find out the various niches and options. Think about the area you are going to service. If you consider Florida, it has a tremendous ant problem. Many wooden trimmings, floorings, and frames have a termite problem. The various pest control services worth mentioning are baiting, fumigation, lawn services, rodent control, attic treatments, and nest removal.

You can also provide waterproof decking supplies to mitigate problems. Tying up with a contractor will be a good idea. It usually involves coating the decks with a chemical, so termites cannot eat into them. It mainly behaves like an outer coating. Other than that, you can also check for structural gaps. If you increase the scope of your job, you can charge an additional amount for that.

You also need to remember that the onslaught of insects changes with the weather. Add specific pest control services to particular seasons of the year. Natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, and fires also lead to infestation with different types of pests.

Man in protective equipment holding a sprayer and standing next to a white van

Build the Brand

Branding is essential for any business. So the pest control business will not be any different. You have to understand the market’s needs and propagate your business accordingly. Additionally, you must ensure that all your point-of-sale materials and marketing materials have a uniform logo, color scheme, and tagline. It will help you to build continuity.

It should be unique and should link with the customer psyche. Apart from the physical materials, online is the key to marketing today’s products and services. As such, you have to build a website and apply SEO guidelines to it. Get uniform, caps, and gloves for yourself if you are doing it alone. In case you hire staff, they should also project a professional look. Social media marketing is something that you cannot avoid. Your vehicle should also carry the brand message. It will help you in building a clientele for your business.

Get Insurance

Consider getting small business insurance, especially in your early days. It might happen that you might accidentally damage the customer’s property or stain the furniture while treating the area with chemicals. You have to get the best insurance to ensure that you do not have to pay the damages from your pocket. If you are recruiting staff, you must abide by the workers’ compensation rules. Apart From business insurance, you should also get vehicle insurance.

Secure Reliable Equipment

Once you have made the business legal and decided upon the niche, you have to get the best equipment. Things like chemicals, applicators, traps, cages, safety equipment, and computers are required to start your work. You can also consider buying billing software. It will make your work easy.


You need to follow these steps while starting the pest control business. You may also tweak them a bit, depending upon your location. However, all the steps mentioned above are more likely to get started.

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