The Dos and Donts of the Cell Tower Leasing Industry

The presenter in the video explains how cell towers bring in steady cash for 20 to 40 years. He says the towers don’t take up much space and the cell company pays for taxes and insurance. But there’s a catch. You’re signing a long-term rooftop cell tower lease, and once you do, you’re stuck with it. That means you can’t build anything there or sell it without their okay.

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Cell companies can be pushy and try to get you to sign a lease that’s not in your favor. So, someone should look over the contract before you put your pen on it. The video is a pretty good rundown of the pros and cons of cell tower leases. If you’re thinking about getting one on your property, weigh the good and the bad before making a decision.

Have you heard about these cell tower companies wanting to plant one on your land? Before you sign anything, you ought to take the presenter’s advice. He breaks it down real simple. On one hand, it’s like finding a money tree in your backyard – a steady income for years. But here’s the catch: it’s like making a vow with a concrete block. The bottom line is this: weigh the sweet cash against the long road. You wouldn’t want to get stuck holding the hot potato when the deal goes sour.


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