Top Tips on Restoring Your Property Before Selling It

Are you struggling with the idea of selling your home? Is there a lot of work to be done, and do you not know where to start? Well, fear not! Let this article guide you through all the steps in restoring a property before selling it. We will cover everything from clearing clutter and organizing rooms to getting rid of pests—everything necessary for a successful sale.

1. Clear out clutter and make repairs

Every homeowner finds it difficult to get rid of things they’ve held on to for years. However, all this clutter makes your place look old and worn, which is not what potential buyers want (and deserve). So the first step you need to take is clearing out unwanted items and making a list of all repairs required.

Some of the things you need to check are:

  • Uneven floors
  • Loose fixtures and doors
  • Rotted wood, which requires replacement or a patch job

These simple fixes will go a long way in making your place look brand new. You can do all these repairs on your own as well—just follow our recent article on the six steps to fixing floorboards, for example. But if you lack the time or expertise required, don’t wait another day. Hire trained restoration experts or contractors who will do it in half the time and charge a quarter of what you would have.

2. Declutter your closets

Another area that needs attention before selling is your closets. You should be able to see everything inside, and there shouldn’t be any messy piles of clothes or items thrown in randomly. Arrange your clothes by type and color, and make sure they’re clean and neatly folded (using the article we just mentioned as a guide).

3. Repair holes in the wall

Holes on the walls may not seem like a big deal, but they tend to catch attention. You can easily repair them using spackling paste, which comes with an applicator attached for easy application (find it at any hardware store). Just apply it over the hole and wipe away excess once dry. For bigger holes, you should use drywall patches.

4. Fix loose tiles and grout

Tiles are an important part of every home’s decor. If they’re loose or have cracks in the grout, replacing them is a must. Loose tiles can be fixed using tile adhesive, which you can buy from any hardware store for under $10. Ensure to clean the area thoroughly before applying it, and allow time for drying (check instructions on the packaging).

5. Polish all wooden surfaces

Wooden surfaces are very popular with potential buyers, but if they appear dirty or dusty, you cannot expect them to be interested in your property. You can easily polish them—just follow the instructions on the packaging, usually involving a specific solvent or use of wax. You can also paint wooden surfaces with an eggshell or semi-gloss latex wall paint (find these at any hardware store).

6. Remove all stains from carpets and upholstery

Stains are another thing that makes your property look old no matter what you do; no potential buyer wants to take on the challenge of removing them. Thus, you need to hire professional cleaners who know how to remove even tough stains. If they’re able to clean your upholstery as well, that’s a bonus!

7. Prepare for showings

Always make sure the house is clean and tidy before showing it to potential buyers. Empty the trash, dust off all surfaces, and make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink or laundry piled up. You want your house to give a great first impression!

8. Exterminate pests

If you have any pests such as rodents or cockroaches, remove them before showing your house. You can use traps and poison to kill harmful bugs indoors and hire a professional exterminator for the rest. A single roach spotted by the buyer can mean you lose out on selling your property fast.

9. Remove personal belongings

While it’s okay to leave some personal items in your closets or drawers, you should be careful not to leave anything objectionable in the open. That includes religious symbols on walls, pornographic images, offensive paintings—basically anything that isn’t tasteful or attractive to buyers who are not close friends and family members.

10. Use neutral colors

clean white colored house interior

Last but not least, you should leave some of your personal touches in the house—it’s what makes it so special after all! Just make sure to use light or neutral-colored paints on walls if you plan on repainting them. Dark paints tend to shrink spaces and make the rooms look smaller, so avoid them.

And there you have it! It may take some work, but if you can restore your house to its best condition before selling it, the benefits will be worth the effort. Consider hiring contractors or professionals to help restore your home to a condition that’s attractive to many potential buyers.

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