What Can Get a Car Enthusiast’s Attention in 2020

The automobile industry has become even more diverse and powered in recent years because of innovative developments in design, build, and modification. With trends and interests changing, what can we expect to see in the 2020 market specifically suited for car enthusiasts and collectors?

It’s in the finish

Even as different groups of enthusiasts argue between what finish is superior aesthetically, the bottom line is that people want a look that can stand out and still look prime. As those who cater to buyers start to lean in on customizability and efficiency, more time will be spent in automotive spray booths perfecting the final look for any vehicle.

Automotive providers are having to adjust their array so that they can be prepared for varying tastes, even down to choosing waterborne or solvent-borne for their paints. It covers everything from clear coats, matte finishes, or pearlescent set-ups.

Technology drives

Aside from being another cool integration that builds hype, manufacturers are using technology to further convenience and practicality. A lot of additions can be expected from newer introductions into the market, from enhanced Wi-Fi capability to partner applications.

Aside from GPS and tracking tools, automobiles that are garnering attention are self-driving vehicles. This capability utilizes existent functions that are in the car and threads them together to create a revolutionary take on auto function. With AI technology, guided driving is becoming a bridge to making fully independent and operational drivers out of our cars.

Can it ride?

vintage carCollectors and modifiers alike are becoming more discerning with the cars they opt to purchase. More than merely going off of the make and model, they delve into the specifics on the vehicle’s quality to decide its value.

Even if the purchase isn’t meant for daily or regular use, they still want a functional vehicle that can be shown off on the streets with good speed and a reliable engine. They look for a buy that feels right with their budget because it’s mainly for purposes of displaying it.

A Japanese resurgence

Collectors in the millennial and Gen X demographics are shown to be keener on getting models from the ‘70s and ‘80s. On the other hand, enthusiasts and hobbyists who like pimping their rides are still seeing a consistent preference for customized plates.

Both of these stem from vehicles manufactured in Japan, as they show the models popular in the said eras as well as the later introductions that popularized the use of custom plating.

Most demands have moved to these as opposed to more “classic” cars that were Brit-made and from the ‘50s to ‘60s. In the coming year, this leaning is suspected of going even further into Japan’s models of yore as the millennials and Xers take up more of the market.

So, whether you are interested in getting into the vast world of automobiles and their patrons or you’re an automotive business owner anticipating what the consumers will be looking for, these are some of the key things you can look forward to.

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