Why Your Commercial Building Needs Proper Insulation

In this video, the speaker dives into the energy efficiency challenges faced by commercial steel buildings and the importance of commercial insulation. The issues include under-insulation caused by pinched fiberglass insulation around metal purlins and significant air leaks in the walls and roof.

The speaker proposes a practical solution to tackle these problems—spray foam insulation.

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He explains that the spray foam will be applied over the existing insulation to create an airtight seal, effectively addressing the energy efficiency concerns. Despite open-cell spray foam having a lower R-value than its closed-cell counterpart, the speaker points out that the thickness of the insulation can be increased to compensate for this difference.

For commercial building owners eager to enhance their structures’ energy efficiency, they must install proper insulation. This will reduce the chance of heated or cooled air escaping the commercial property, keeping your employees and customers comfortable. If you can keep your most valuable people comfortable, then you may increase sales. Commercial insulation can also reduce moisture buildup, reducing the risk of mold growth.

This video serves as a valuable resource for those looking to optimize their commercial buildings’ energy performance through spray foam or other insulation solutions. Contact your local commercial insulation company today for more information!.

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