Easy Ways to Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

Your bathroom may not be the place where you spend a lot of time but, if left unattended, it can be an eyesore. Aside from this, a dirty bathroom becomes the source of foul odours and a breeding ground for bacteria. Fortunately, there are easy ways to keep your bathroom smelling and looking clean.

Prevention is the First Step

There is no need to wait for grime and dirt to build up before you take care of your bathroom. Shower cubicles, from NZ to Alaska, need regular maintenance. After all, cleaning up, when all the mould and mildew have taken over, can be time-consuming. You can avoid this by wiping down your walls dry after using the bathroom, especially after showering or taking a bath. You can also spray your tiled walls and glass doors with a mildew inhibitor or a disinfectant to prevent future incidents.

Check your caulking now and then. Most mould and mildew take root in the nooks and crannies of your bathroom tiles. By repairing cracks and breaks in your caulking as soon as you see them, you are preventing mould and mildew from building up.

Keeping the door to your bathroom slightly ajar is also a good idea. This allows air to circulate in the space, preventing mould and mildew from growing. Doing this also airs out the room and helps you avoid the stagnant stench found in enclosed spaces.

Remedies for Existing Damage

Clean bathroom

When mould and mildew start to build up in your bathroom, you need to make sure that you have the right tools to help you in removing them.

A simple DIY tip for cleaning your bathroom is using vinegar and baking soda. When these two are combined, they can eat the dirt and grime even in the corners of your bathroom walls. You can also clean your glass doors with a sponge dipped in vinegar. If a lot of grime has built up, you can mix a cup of liquid fabric softener with one-quarter of warm water to loosen the scum. You can then apply vinegar to keep it shiny.

Although you might think a scouring pad or steel-wool is the best way to get things done, this is not the case. The more abrasive the pad, the more likely you will nick and scratch the glass and tiles.

You also need to clean your bathroom traps. This can be quite easy since you just need to remove hair strands that might have fallen off while you were showering. While you’re at it, use rust removers along the corners of the trap, the faucet and its knobs.

Another area that you should also look into would be the plumbing. Check if there are leaks; these can cause water damage to your floors and increase the likelihood of mould and mildew growing in your bathroom. You can make use of the baking soda and vinegar solution to clean the insides of your piping system.

Take better care of your bathroom by cleaning it regularly. Doing so prevents dirt and grime from accumulating to unmanageable levels.

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