Home Improvement Investments that Combine Safety and Aesthetics

Have you ever thought about installing safety measures at home but are worried it might clash with the overall aesthetics of your home’s design? Worry no more; you can definitely have both when you install these.

Fencing and Hedging

If you’re looking for a great DIY project that can enhance the beauty and improve the safety of your outdoor area, particularly if you have a pool area, you can never go wrong with a minimalist pool fence. The simplicity of the design is what makes it aesthetically pleasing.

And with its minimalistic design, it’s clash-proof and can seamlessly blend in with your overall outdoor design. It offers safety and security around your pool area and one that is nice to look at, without losing its utility.

To further increase your home’s outdoor safety and privacy, put up fences around your perimeter and add hedging to soften the look. There are also plenty of DIY pool fences that you can find online or at brick-and-mortar DIY stores.

These fences come in various ornamental or minimalist designs, making it easy to find one that suits your needs and your style preference.

Vertical Garden and Tall Plants

Aside from hedging, another way to use plants to increase the safety and security around your outdoor area is by growing a vertical garden. It provides shade, acts as a natural air filtration system, livens up the space, and serves as a privacy screen.

These vertical gardens, when placed in strategic areas around your back yard or front yard, will not only increase the privacy in your home but also will also instantly brighten up the space, lending it an understated elegance that gives off a welcoming vibe.

If you’re looking to add trees in the mix but prefer the tall slender types, slender weavers, the slimmer and thinner, clumping kind of bamboo, make a good addition to your landscape. These trees are usually planted to line a wall but are much easier to manage when they’re planted in pots.

It also makes it easier to move them around if you’re redesigning your layout. If you have low walls or fences around your property, these plants can serve as privacy screens while giving the space a softer look and feel.

Window Treatment

Add curtains to house

Not a fan of curtains? Window films are your best bet. Any DIYer can hack this installation, as it doesn’t require special tools or equipment to install it. DIY window films can be installed in a day, done by one person, and sometimes only require some soapy water in a spray bottle and a little squeegee for installation.

The soapy water acts as the adhesive solution for the film to stick to the glass. A squeegee is a tool that is used to even out the surface of the film and get rid of any bubbles or crimps, to help you achieve a clean and crisp finish.

The best thing about window films is that these can be easily removed and replaced, as it doesn’t leave any adhesive behind. Window films will keep people from seeing in through your windows while allowing natural light to enter the space.

So as you can see, it is entirely possible to install safety and security measures at home without taking away from its aesthetic appearance. These DIY installations are easy to install, light on the pocket, and yield fantastic results. That’s real value for any DIYer’s money.

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