Essential Equipment Your Auto Shop Should Have

There are an estimated 1.4 billion cars in the world on the road on average, so opening up a shop to cater to all the needs of vehicle owners can be very profitable. Even with the advent of the pandemic, there are still cars on the road from service workers, frontliners, and people who still need to use their vehicles to run errands and get to places. Of course, whether you are mostly servicing or modifying vehicles brought in, you are as good as your staff and your equipment. Since it should already be a given how important it is to have all your essential tools complete from wrenches to hammers and the like, let’s cover some big equipment that you should have.

Wheel Balancers

A car wheel balancer is a handy piece of equipment that can not only improve a car’s importance but also fix a lot of the issues that some drivers have when they have a lot of wear and tear under their belt. Tire balancing is essential for weight equalization, assembly, and stabilizing older wheels that are vibrating excessively or have just seen a lot of use.

Jacks and Lifts

There are a lot of repairs that can be done to a vehicle, but you’ll be hard-pressed to do most of them without having to raise the car. That is where your jacks and lifts come in. For raising the vehicle a little from the ground so you can work on the hard-to-reach areas, you’ll want jacks and their respective stands so that you can safely work without the risk of getting crushed. A lift is also necessary for comprehensive checks where you have to raise the entire vehicle and keep them propped up much higher from the ground. These are crucial for any detail work and repairs you’ll want to be able to offer.

Pressure Washers

Though car washes and repair shops are not always the same, it would do you well to have this anyway. It’s much easier to work with a clean surface, so you’ll want it handy for all the grimy gears and muddy cars that could come into your shop. Aside from cleaning vehicles and tools, it’s also an excellent way to get more business in for those who might want a simple wash. From there, you can offer a more in-depth check of their vehicle.

Ramps and Rotators

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These serve a similar purpose to your jacks and lifts but also stand as their own tools. They are useful alternatives to have in your shop. Ramps can provide stable lifts for cars and are easy to use since the vehicle needs to be driven onto them. It’s a good thing to have for essential maintenance and cleaning, though they still don’t fully replace jacks because they don’t provide as much height, and they restrict the wheel from moving.

Rotators, on the other hand, are one of the hydraulic investments you’ll want to make for your shop. They are a prime resource for working with various vehicle bodies and can take heavy loads. That can provide more ease of access, especially if you’re dealing with sensitive components or doing a restoration.

Air Compressors

This item is a basic necessity if you want to be able to use power tools and deal with flat tires. It is a more heavy-duty option that will end up being a staple in your arsenal.

With these tools in your garage, you should be able to provide more top-tier work to your customers.

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