Four Not-so-obvious Reasons Why You Should Live in Monaco

One of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, Monaco is known for its breathtaking scenes, the fantastic waters and perfect climate of the Mediterranean, and the many opportunities to partake of a lifestyle of luxury. It’s also famously expensive, and a known tax haven for businesses. But if you do have the means to live in Monaco, get your real estate agent to find a suitable property – here are four hidden reasons why this is the perfect place for you to live.

A sense of privacy and security

While living in Monaco may be easier than you’d think, the cost of living does present a significant barrier to the many who would love to take up residence there. Over the years, this has had the inadvertent effect of concentrating the local population with wealthy and famous individuals.

The presence of celebrities and the super-rich demands a heightened level of security and privacy across the Principality. Regulations forbid paparazzi and the flying of drones – an impressive feat in such a popular tourist destination. The community works closely together to maintain the atmosphere of privacy and safety, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the benefits.

person holding a small green plant

Green practices

Monaco is fully committed to protecting the environment and practicing sustainability. Prince Albert II’s Foundation supports green initiatives and promotes research in nations across the Mediterranean and beyond, and similar efforts are made within the Principality to balance its luxury tourism activities with responsible practices for the environment.

With a commitment to reduce emissions by 50% before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Monaco is implementing several measures to safeguard its beautiful environment. The use of electric vehicles, solar energy, wastewater treatment plants, and expanding protected areas dedicated to local parks and gardens, has made it a leader in sustainability despite the difficulties of scale involved.

Healthy lifestyle

When you live in Monaco, the protected green spaces and waters aren’t just easy on the eyes – they encourage you to go outdoors more often. The lifestyle here is remarkably healthy; residents have an average life expectancy of 89.5 years. Part of the reason may well be the constant level of daily activity, as everyone seems to be up and about, walking and jogging, taking a swim or sailing.

The diet, no doubt, plays a part as well. With a healthy Mediterranean diet consistently linked to lower incidence of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, you can’t help but imbibe some of the things which make the Monaco lifestyle so good for your health.

Year-round events

Tourists come to Monaco for the picturesque views and the casino, and whatever activities they find time for. But as a resident, you’ll have access to a year-long parade of events across the Monaco calendar. Grand Prix, yacht shows, marathons, tennis matches, and the Monte Carlo Rally join the Rose Ball, the International Circus Festival, fireworks shows, art festivals, and theater performances in a lineup that would spoil anyone for entertainment.

How many people get to attend outdoor concerts at a prince’s palace? These shows by the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra are held throughout the summer at this magnificent venue for a truly unique and grand experience.

If you can live in Monaco, give it a shot, and you’ll enjoy these often-overlooked benefits and others to be found.

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