How to Help the Homeless in Your Community

Whether you are an “OK boomer” liker of an Angeleno or not, we all have a role to play in helping the community. It would not make sense to erect an emotionally wrought iron fence in Los Angeles that shuts itself off from the needs of the less fortunate.

You don’t have to take the homeless in your home as a show of extreme generosity. Some people do that noble thing, and it’s inspiring to have that level of trust in humanity. Los Angeles laws were recently relaxed to accommodate more additional dwelling units (ADUs).

But alarming reports of the homeless dying in the record number on the streets of LA county show that a little help from ordinary citizens can go a long way no matter how small.

Here are small but powerful ways you can help the homeless, especially the ones whose health conditions are deteriorating quickly due to their lack of comfortable and healthy living amenities.

Help them Maintain their Human Dignity

Try not to build too many walls. One of the things the homeless citizens lose in their circumstances is a sense of dignity. A kind word, a gesture like providing a warm beverage or food, or a smile may mean considerable things to the recipient. Make sure you still affirm people, confirm that you see them, and are not blind to their plight.

Donate in a Nearby Homeless Shelter or Organization for the Homeless

Some community efforts are underway for sure. Your church, your group of friends in the village, or your friends at work may all be organizing something for the homeless crisis. Seek out these quick and accessible opportunities to assist. You can give old blankets and towels and clothes or provide cash assistance for feeding programs.

Interact and Promote Spiritual Support to the Homeless

If you are active in your church community, invite a homeless person to attend the Mass or service or weekly ceremony if you can. This way, you also help nourish their souls and promote resilience in a time of adversity. Not everyone will have the opportunity to interact with them this closely, though, but it’s worth giving a try if you can.

homeless man in front of a drawing of a house

Do Some Volunteer Work in Your Spare Time

Shelters such as the Los Angeles Mission and Downtown Women’s Center are great organizations that welcome volunteers with comprehensive orientation sessions all year round. You can attend these orientations and see how you can reach out and what hours you can offer to do some volunteer work for the community.

A Step Up: Check with the Local Government for Renting Out Accessory Dwelling Units

Mayor Garcetti made sure that the homeless crisis in LA will not spiral out of control. As such, the government is providing as much as $75,000 in building funds for residents who will build accessory dwelling units (ADUs) that they can rent out to the homeless at an amicable price.

The homeless situation is a massive problem that has been claiming some lives left and right. However, homeless does not equate to hopeless. There is a lot of good work that can be done, and if everyone rolls up their sleeves to contribute, then it will go a long way towards helping resolve this worrying issue in LA.

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