Living Large: Designer Tricks for Small Spaces

A tiny home can be limiting in a lot of ways, but that does not mean style and design go out the window simply because of a small floor area. In Singapore, living spaces tend to be on the smaller side. Other countries in Asia also have the same situation, especially in densely populated urban centers. But many residents have proven that they can still make it work. Like with large houses, decorating a small space calls for a good eye for design. If you need a bit of help from this department, check out these tips from the experts:

Light It Up

Natural light is your best friend in making a small living space look more spacious than it is. Maximize every bit of light that you have in your home to make it feel open and airy. Avoid using dark shades of color, especially in the curtains. Instead, go for home items that have lighter hues. Additional lighting would not hurt, either.

Strive for a Cosy Atmosphere

Sometimes, it is best to embrace the smallness of your space and make it work in its natural beauty instead. If you have a small apartment or house, making it cozy and inviting can go a long way in improving its overall atmosphere. Think something along the lines of plush and soft rugs. This is perfect for the family room and the living area.

Play with the Perimeter

It is inevitable to have big furniture pieces like couches in your home. That’s fine; you can always design the space with these in mind. One way of doing so is to keep these items along the perimeter of the room and up against the wall. This creates the effect of adding depth to your space. Being strategic is essential in deciding the placement of larger household items.


Embrace Going Multi-purpose

The lack of space calls for creativity in terms of the purpose of a room, which means one space should function for multiple things. For instance, the living room can be combined with a home office and a family room. In Singapore, you can always go online and buy furniture that can achieve this function. No matter the shape or size of the room, embracing the idea of being multi-purpose helps a tonne.

Declutter Where Possible

Lastly, take the time to clean your space and remove unnecessary items. Decluttering is an essential part of keeping a small house spacious and comfortable to live in. Be disciplined enough to let go of the things that no longer make sense to be in your living area. Practicality should be on top of your priorities, which means everything else that is not necessary to your home should be in storage or outside of your property. Clutter can accumulate far quicker than you think, so be sure to do cleaning sessions regularly.

Although living spaces might be small in Singapore, there is no reason to keep homes looking and feeling cramped. With these tips, you can make your house something you would want to keep coming home to.

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