Staying Sporty in Small Spaces: How Wimbledon Can Keep You Active

When you’re an active person with a similarly active family, you might think it’s a challenge to buy a new house in Wimbledon or anywhere else. The sports life is excellent and thriving, and sports enthusiasts can look forward to lots of games. However, buying a place to live in can be quite challenging. The most affordable houses are set close to each other, with little room for noise and activity, and backyards are shared. The most spacious homes with complete yards and places are quite costly. If it is tricky to obtain that, there are other options within the area where your family can still be sporty or active.

Here are the things you can do in the country’s tennis capital.

Wimbledon Common

If your kids can’t play on the street, they can do it in a local park. Luckily, there are wide, open places where you can play with them and teach them handy tricks in tennis or other sports. Besides local tennis courts, you can go to Wimbledon Common. The Wimbledon Common is a park that boasts of an area that spans one thousand and one hundred acres. You can jog there, take a stroll, or go biking while enjoying the fresh air and the pristine, natural view. If you have enough money, you can sign up for the Wimbledon Golf Club. Either way, this is a perfect place to get yourself all pumped up.

Wimbledon Park

lawn tennis playerAnother place where you can enjoy sports is Wimbledon Park. It has tennis courts where you can spend hours honing your skills. Aside from that, there are beach volleyball courts and a cafe where you can freshen up. This park is also home to a water sports center, complete with Olympic-size and paddling pools.

Wimbledon Village Stables

The Wimbledon Village Stables is right in the centre of the city, but you might not feel it at all. There are lush green surroundings, thriving and completely natural, with a long path reserve for horseback riders. There’s horseback riding for people of all ages and levels of expertise. You can even opt for group riding or take private, one-on-one sessions with an instructor.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

You can’t go to Wimbledon, the country’s tennis capital, without visiting this museum. A group tour will save you a lot of time from lining up and can help you get the full experience from each attraction. Although exploring the place on your own is a great experience and adventure, too. In the museum, you will learn about the colorful history of tennis from the Victorian age up to the present. You will see old tennis fashion and equipment throughout the centuries, as well as memorabilia and artifacts from old and new tennis stars. You can also visit the Museum Library to read up on statistics, past games, biographies of players, and other things related to the history of tennis.

They say that if you can dream it, you can do it. You might have a small place for sports, but you can work your way around it. Wimbledon might be the perfect place to become even more fit.

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