The Clean Energy Revolution: Here to Create Jobs

The clean energy revolution is a force that is powering the economy and creating jobs. It is an innovative, sustainable sector of the economy that provides health and environmental benefits.

Solar power is one aspect of the clean energy revolution that is benefiting from this growth. Jobs in solar panel installation, for example, are increasing as demand for solar power rises.

But what jobs will be in high demands in the future?


In one report, experts estimate that electricity jobs, in particular, will be boosted to 100 million by 2050, all thanks to the demand for clean energy. Electricians will be needed in the future. They will work to install solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and for other aspects of the clean energy grid.

They will also receive calls to install and repair smart home technology systems as the Internet of Things (IoT) become more common in every household worldwide.

Sales and distribution

Jobs in sales and distribution are expected to become more needed as well to support the clean energy revolution.

SolarCity, for example, is one company that provides solar power to U.S. homes and businesses with the help of distribution hubs around the country. SolarCity offers installation jobs in addition to sales positions at their distribution centers.

Other companies will be formed like this one in the future to create more jobs through clean energy technology. The outcomes? More sustainable energy systems and more employment opportunities worldwide.


Construction workers are also expected to benefit from growth in demand for clean energy sources. As residents and cities increase the desire to shift toward a greener lifestyle, new buildings that are energy efficient, that conserve water, and reduce its overall environmental impact will be needed.

It won’t be just new buildings, either. Retrofitters will also likely to see a rise in job opportunities as existing homes and other buildings are improved.

Construction work isn’t limited only to these scenarios, however. For example, many solar power companies also need construction crews during installation projects for new projects or for larger installations that require more manpower.

In short, no matter your skill set or background, there will be an opportunity for you somewhere within the clean energy revolution .

Urban Planners

Clean energy companies are partnering with urban planners to develop clean energy in cities. More sustainable, efficient ways of living will help create a better quality of life for all people and especially the next generation.

Urban planners will need to be hired to come up with design ideas for solar-powered buildings, smart communities, and homes.

Wind Turbine Technicians

wind turbine

Technicians are also needed to maintain wind turbines in order to generate clean energy.

Until recently, wind turbines were mostly in remote locations, but now they are starting to pop up in cities like Chicago. This trend will continue to rise as demand for clean energy increases and more jobs in the industry become available.

By 2029, it is expected that the demand for wind turbine technicians will grow by 60.7 percent. Their roles will include repair, diagnosis, adjust, and maintain wind turbines that will one day powered more communities around the world.

Electric Vehicle Specialists

As electric vehicles (EV) become more common in homes and on the road, their associated components such as charge points will require special attention. Specialists will be needed to operate, maintain, and repair these EVs and the components that power them.

These technicians will be in high demand as the number of electric vehicles on the road grows exponentially. By 2025, analysts predict that EVs and HEVs (hybrid electric vehicles) will account for 30 percent of all vehicle sales.

Moreover, in the future, public transportation systems across the globe will also offer electric alternatives. Many major cities are already investing in cabs and buses that are powered by electricity instead of gasoline. Drivers will also be needed to operate these vehicles.

Sustainability Advisor

More companies will make the effort to shift to environmentally-friendly products and practices. The public interest in green alternatives have already proven to be profitable. That means more companies will be looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact.

Demand for environmental sustainability consultants, who can help companies shift toward a greener vision, is expected to grow in the future. These professionals also seek to raise public awareness about climate change and educate people on how they can shrink their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The clean energy revolution is here to create jobs for the future. People who are interested in working in the renewable energy industry can prepare themselves for this rapidly expanding market by taking classes and degree programs that will help them become proficient with modern technology and up-to-date techniques. In doing so, they can become a key player in this new sector of the economy.


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