Tips for Turning Your Small Business Into a National Distributor

Are you a small business owner? There is probably nothing that compares to seeing your creation come to life and thrive. Whether your a niche manufacturing company or a custom furniture business, you love what you do and want to grow. Have you been thinking about how to take your brand to the next level? Becoming a distributor may be the switch you’ve been looking for! Unlike selling your product directly, distributors provide elements for other businesses to sell to customers, allowing you to scale your processes to a much higher degree. In this video, we’ll learn more about distributors and why so many business owners are choosing this route.

Whether you’re interested in entering the world of custom, wholesale, or flange distributors, you’re going to need an in-depth scaling plan. Take a detailed inventory of your product, manufacturing costs, and more.

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Oftentimes, selling your items wholesale can bring the price of the individual item down, but save your business capital in shipping, packing, and more. Consider how much work you have to do, who you’ll need to hire, and what adjustments need to be made to your current business processes. Once you have a goal, you can start the journey of transforming your business!


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