How to Visually Expand Your Floor Space Using Designs and Furniture

Small homes are significantly cheaper than apartments and other estates. They are also more fun and easier to maintain because these spaces prevent clutter and allow for personalization. But most of the time, common furniture or fixtures used in traditional homes cannot be installed in tiny houses given the limited space. So for you to get the shelves or cabinets you need, designing and customizing your own furniture is the ideal way to go. If you’re living in a home where space is at a premium, the most challenging thing is probably how you’ll maximize all the available space and make it look bigger than it really is. Keep reading to get space-saving ideas especially tailored for your modest home.

Go Big for Your Little Space

It’s natural to think that using small furniture is how you can maximize the space in your little home. But doing this will only increase clutter and make your space look even smaller. To allow your personal space to exude the illusion spacious areas give off, installing some things made for traditional homes will give you that atmosphere. Going big for your home’s art and decor will make your house look bigger than it really is. Taking advantage of a curtain’s height and size will allow your home to give the impression similar to that of houses with high ceilings. For added effect, you can use drapes with vertical stripes or long curtains and let excess fabric pool at the bottom. Installing big windows will also add to the vibe and give your space natural lighting, which will also make your house look spacious. If you’re into art, dedicating a whole wall to showcase a large-scale art piece will make the design of your home more cohesive than installing small pieces.

Mirrors and Light Tones

If you’re looking for available condominiums or other compact houses, the challenge you’ll most likely face once you’ve moved in is how to expand your home visually without constructing additional space. To give an illusion of a wide and spacious area, using light tones for your walls and flooring will give your home a cool and spacious look since this technique can reflect natural light.  Colors with blue undertones make small spaces look wider. For your flooring, you can choose hardwood floors in light shades or carpets in similar tones. Another tip is to place mirrors facing windows or other light sources. Mirrors can reflect and bounce light, making it a great option to create more depth in tiny spaces. Aside from making your room seem bigger, it also adds a luxurious touch to any space, making the room more visually appealing.

kitchen shelves

Open Cabinets and Vertical Storage

For kitchens, it is important that you can comfortably move around and keep your ingredients and tools close at hand. This can be easy to do in small kitchens because of the limited floor area, but you wouldn’t want your cooking space to look narrow and cramped. With a sparse floor area, the best option you have for storage is to use your walls and overhead space. Floating open cabinets can expand the look of your kitchen and even make it convenient for you, especially when you’re searching for a particular ingredient or cooking tool. An overhead pan rack is also a great idea because it can keep your counters and cabinets free to accommodate other kitchen equipment. Hanging your pans from above may seem chaotic, but this will actually give your kitchen a modern aesthetic. You can also use your kitchen island as a preparation area and a dining table. This allows you to serve food easily without having to walk from room to room, as you likely would if you have a separate kitchen and dining room. Having your counters free of clutter will also make your kitchenette look neat and spacious.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

If you’re a small house owner, you’re probably always on the lookout for ideas that can help you optimize the space in your humble abode. Besides playing around with illusions, including lighting, color, and reflection, using multipurpose furniture will help you maximize your space. A great example of such furniture is a loft bed. Loft beds have been making their rounds on social media for their space-saving features. This type of furniture includes a top bunk with a desk, a closet in its lower area, and stairs with extra storage. By utilizing overhead space that is not typically used in normal bedroom settings, you can create a setup that will not leave your room looking cramped.

Small homes may offer limited space. Nevertheless, you can think of endless fun and smart ways to utilize every nook and cranny.

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